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Lotus Restaurant has been serving the local Minneapolis community since 1983. The founders Tri and Le opened the first Lotus Restaurant in Calhoun Square with the goal of serving traditional Vietnamese cruise to the local community. Tri and Le were known as generous and community-leaders in the Vietnamese community in Minneapolis. Tri and Le empowered Vietnamese families from within the organization leading to the creation of six Lotus locations across the metro. Each operation owned and managed by different families. Tri and Le continued their work and encourage the brand across all locations – a brand based on family values, equality, and customer service. By 2007, all but one Lotus Restaurant had closed. Tri and Le sadly passed away and the children’s families soon moved on from the restaurant industry. The Nguyen’s, who owned the Downtown location, had immigrated to Minnesota in 1981 as Vietnamese refugees with their oldest son, Yoom, who was 2 years old. Yoom and his brothers grew up in South Minneapolis and Uptown, and their childhood memories centered on community and family in the Lotus Restaurants. Lotus Downtown stayed in business beyond 2007, despite closing the founders Tri and Le Calhoun Square hub. Yoom, Toom, Hung, and Joey, who joined their parents to operate the restaurant in 2005 however soon realized their parents, who independently ran the kitchen and front house, were overloaded and the future of Lotus was at risk. The brothers made the decision to formally join and invest in the family business. As a result, Lotus Downtown climbed into its present-day success. The restaurant is a neighborhood favorite, known for a laid-back family home vibe, signature dishes, excellent customer service, and fast, fresh takeout services.

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